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It is estimated that allied health professions make up nearly 60% of all health jobs in the United States. Considering the size of the health care industry, that's a lot of jobs. Allied health professionals usually work in teams and are responsible for making health care system function by providing a range of technical, diagnostic, therapeutic and direct patient care support services. Allied health professionals are a critical component of any health care or medical delivery system.

The demand for allied health professionals in the United States and the rest of the world is predicted to increase due to an expected long-term shortage of qualified health care workers. This shortage is due primarily to (1) large demographic shifts in worldwide population (a growing elderly population), (2) many current health worker reaching retirement, (3) a need for more cost effective health care systems, and (4) a lack of education programs to train new workers. In short, long-term job prospects for allied health professionals look good!

However, industry experts anticipate that the largest job growth over the next decade will occur in ambulatory and nursing care settings rather than in hospitals. Currently, allied health professionals are employed in the following sub-sectors of the health care industry:
  • Hospitals and inpatient medical centers
  • Ambulatory health care settings providing primarily outpatient services
  • Nursing care facilities and settings where residential care is provided
Already, a large proportion of allied health professionals are employed in ambulatory settings. One survey reports that in California, over 49% of all allied health professionals now work in ambulatory care settings, compared with 29% in hospitals and 22% in nursing career settings. And these figures are predicted to shift in favor of ambulatory care and nursing care settings, not only in California but across the United States.

Below our editors have compiled a comprehensive selection of job search resources, guides, employer listings and relevant Internet websites for aspiring allied health professionals.

Allied Health Professional Associations
Even though jobs for qualified allied health professionals are plentiful, there is still tremendous competition for top career positions in just about every sectors of the health care industry. Hands down the most effective way to find the perfect job is by networking with established industry professionals. In fact, most good allied health job openings are filled before they ever reach a job board. So if you're serious about your career then start networking today. Getting involved in both general and discipline specific health care associations is an effective way to network with other industry professionals that can refer you to employers and inform you when there are new job openings where they work. Below you'll find an editor compiled directory of industry specific health associations.
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