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Athletic Trainer Salary Information reports that as of May 2010, athletic trainers had a base annual salary of $31,257 to $42,675. In addition, they received profit-sharing of $509 to $2,000, bonuses of $310 to $2,026 and commissions of $512 to $6,445 for a total average pay of about $31,421 to $43,473 a year.

New athletic trainers typically start at $27,225 to $38,045 while more experienced trainers make more money on an annual basis. At one to four years of experience athletic trainers typically make $29,943 to $38,455 a year and at five to nine years they can make on the upwards of $34,409 to $44,440. A trainer with more than ten years of experience can earn up to $58,158.

Salaries for athletic trainers are determined in large part by their employer. For example, universities and colleges typically pay athletic trainings between $30,062 to $40,793 a year while school districts average $30,538 to $46,781 a year in salaries. Team trainers earn $30,141 to $56,718 while trainers working for hospitals historically have made $32,678 to $41,511. Athletic trainers working in government on average make $24,867 to $45,781 a year while those working for nonprofit organizations make $33,433 to $50,050. Finally, athletic trainers working for private corporations average $31,829 to $40,822 in annual earnings while athletic trainers who work on contract typically make from $32,139 to $40,695 a year.

Location is one of the largest factors that influence the salary of athletic trainers. New York shows the widest range of salaries at $34,177 on the low end to $71,952 on the high end. In Los Angeles trainers typically make $30,521 to $45,254 while those in Chicago usually make $35,557 to $41,506. Trainers working in Boston can earn $34,286 to $51,456 a year and those in Pittsburgh earn $24,417 to $32,556 a year.

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