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Audiologist Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, audiologists on average make an hourly wage of $30.40, which equates to a salary of $63,230. The lowest 10 percent of audiologist earn $19.55 an hour, or $40,650 a year, while the highest 10 percent make $48.31, or $100,480 a year.

The industry an audiologist chooses to work in will play a big part in their salary level. Audiologist working in outpatient care centers, will typically earn $38.08 on average, or $79,210 a year. Those working in navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing industries, usually have salaries in the range of $35.61 or $74,060. Audiologist working in specialty hospitals, not including psychiatric and substance abuse, typically earn $34.46 an hour, or $71,680 a year. Audiologist working in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, earn about $34.39 an hour, or $71,540 a year. Finally, audiologist working in he offices of health practitioners (not including physicians), usually earn $34.29, or $71,330 a year.

Income for audiologists is also affected by the state where they set up shop. The states offering the top five salary levels for audiologists include New Jersey, with hourly earnings of $44.30, or $92,150 a year; California, with hourly earnings of $38.83, or $80,770 a year; Massachusetts, with hourly earnings of $38.37, or $79,810 a year; Kentucky, with hourly earnings $37.48, or $77,960 a year; and Texas, with hourly earnings of $36.37, or $75,650 a year.

The city where an audiologist works also will play into how much he or she can earn. The top paying cities for audiologists include San Francisco (California) at $63.79 an hour, or $132,680 a year; Dallas (Texas) at $51.67 an hour, or $107,470 a year; Worcester (Massachusetts) at $49.38 an hour, or $102,720 a year; Newark (New Jersey) at $47.69 an hour, or $99,180 a year; and Miami (Florida) at $45.00, or $93,600 a year.

When considering income level its also important to recognize that those industries with the highest employment numbers may or may not provide audiologists witht the highest income potential. Industries employing the greatest number of audiologists include physician offices, offering hourly earnings of $31.62, or $65,780 a year. While physicians offices are the greatest employers of audiologist they don't even make the top-five list of highest payers. The second highest employer of audiologists are the offices of other health practitioners, offering average hourly earnings of $34.29 or $71,330 a year. Unlike physicians offices, the offices of other health practitioners is in the list of top five salaries for audiologists.

The states employing the greatest numbers of audiologists include West Virginia, with average earnings of $27.33 an hour, or $56,840 a year,and Ohio, with hourly earnings at $27.51, or $57,230 a year. The cities with the greatest number of audiologists per capita include Kalamazoo, Michigan, with hourly pay at $28.43, or $59,130 a year, and Hagerstown, Maryland, with hourly pay at $28.73, or $59,760 a year. While of the states or cities listed above employ the greatest number of audiologist, none of them rank in the top five for pay.

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