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Behavioral Science Health Education Specialists

Behavioral science health education specialists teach people how to live healthier lives. For example, those working in local communities teach underprivileged individuals how to eat better, avoid disease, and prevent injury.

These specialists also:
  • Educate people about HIV and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Teach adolescents about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Organize childhood obesity awareness campaigns
  • Lobby for initiatives to improve health services for the elderly
  • Encourage people to wear seatbelts
Many behavioral science public health specialists conduct research to improve public health services, collect information about individual nutrition and health practices, and learn what to encourage during public health campaigns.

Working Conditions
Working conditions for health education specialists differ by subspecialty.

Career Training and Education
People interested in behavioral science health education careers can specialize in sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Students studying these subspecialties typically complete courses in:
  • Mental health
  • Age-related health disorders
  • Disease prevention and health advocacy
  • Behavioral modification and health education
  • Health and disability
  • Social research
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