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Biostaticians / Biostatistics Specialist

Biostatistics specialists, also known as biostaticians, utilize math and statistics to conduct research in public health, environmental science, biology, medicine, and other fields. Biostaticians specializing in public health utilize their knowledge and skills to identify factors causing injury and disease and track health trends within certain regions.

For example, biostaticians identify communities where drunk driving and gun violence is prevalent. They also:
  • Determine whether new drugs work effectively
  • Evaluate factors that predict disease
  • Organize medical interventions
  • Provide answers for biological phenomena
Biostatistics is a great career for people who enjoy analyzing information, forecasting the future, and making conclusions after completing research.

Working Conditions
Biostaticians are usually well compensated for their services. They're employed as data analyzers and managers, university researchers, and researchers for pharmaceutical companies. They also work for government agencies.

Career Training and Education
If this career interests you, be sure to take many classes in math, statistics, and biology as an undergraduate. You'll then be well prepared to apply for a master's degree program in biostatistics. Additional information about careers in biostatistics can be obtained from the Association of Schools of Public Health.
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