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Built Environmental Health Specialists

Built environments are buildings and other settings where humans live, work, and perform other activities. Examples of these settings include cities, houses, office buildings, and other types of infrastructure.

Built environment specialists are experts in the development, construction, and utilization of buildings and other settings populated by humans. They also study the various activities that take place in specific built environments. This field of study is not considered a single specialty since built environment specialists typically have expertise in law, business management, economics, environmental science, technology, and public policy.

Built environmental specialists typically work 40 hours every week. They spend a lot of time in offices preparing written reports and communicating with others via telephone and email. When not in the office, they're usually inspecting buildings.

Education and Training
Built environmental health specialists hold bachelor's degrees in various fields. In certain states, specialists who’ve passed a test and acquired some work experience can become certified. Built environment specialists often hold graduate degrees in civil engineering or environmental science.

Built environmental health specialists should possess excellent communication and writing skills, be detail-oriented, and highly organized.

This career can be stressful since unhappy building owners can be confrontational and strict deadlines must be met frequently.
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