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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialists

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists assist patients recovering from cardiovascular surgery and administer various rehabilitation treatments to people diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists are primarily responsible for educating patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease how to eat healthier, exercise properly, and reduce stress.

Likewise, they provide emotional support to patients recovering from heart attacks and other debilitating cardiovascular problems. While working with patients, they supervise them to ensure exercise is not too strenuous for their physical condition.

These specialists typically work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, and fitness clinics staffed with medical professionals. They usually work regular business hours, but many cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists organize and lead group exercise sessions on nights and weekends.

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists employed at hospitals are typically required to hold a college degree. Those with graduate degrees and certified with professional organizations, for example, the American College of Sports Medicine, enhance their job opportunities and earning potential.

Where Do They Work?
The majority of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists work directly with patients at rehabilitation facilities, outpatient medical/healthcare clinics, and hospitals. On occasion specialists will also assist people at their homes, in gyms, or at private practices.

Education and Training
While cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists technically are not required to complete a certification program to qualify to become a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist, most individuals complete a certified program in respiratory therapy, physical therapy, nursing (RN), or exercise physiology.

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