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Dental Hygienist Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median hourly pay for dental hygienists is about $30. The lowest 10 percent of Dental Hygienists earned less than $20 an hour while the top 10 percent were earned more than $41 an hour.

The median entry level salary for a dental hygienist, according to, is between $20 and $30 per hour. A dental hygienist with 10 to 20 years of experience can earn up to $25 to $40 per hour.

The hourly rate of a dental hygienist will fluctuate depending on where in theUnited States he or she is working as well. Hygienists in Ohio typically make about $28 an hour while a comparable position on at the other end of the nation, say in California, pays approximately $45 a hour.

Dental hygienists who perform their job in a private dentist's office or are self-employed earn a median rate between $25 and $35 an hour. Hygienists working for a school or a school district usually make a little less at $25 to $30 an hour. The median pay range for a hygienist who works for the federal government falls between $18 and $32 per hour.

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