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Proper nutrition is essential for good health during all stages of life. Dietitians specialize in nutrition, so they develop nutritional plans for people with health problems and food allergies.

Clinical dietitians often oversee food preparation at large organizations, including assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, hospitals, and cafeterias. Dieticians also evaluate clients' nutritional needs, design and initiate nutrition plans, and analyze results. Many dietitians assist clients struggling with weight management, diabetes, and kidney problems.

Public concern about nutrition has increased job openings in the marketing, advertising, agricultural, and food manufacturing industries. Dieticians employed in these industries evaluate food, prepare food labels and literature, and ensure food is safe and prepared in sanitary settings.

Working Conditions
Dietitians supervise nutrition programs at corporate cafeterias, correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, and organizations. Many work for non-profit organizations that lobby for organic farming, enhanced food labeling, and increasing the accessibility of healthy foods at elementary and secondary schools.

Dietitians usually work 40 hours every week. They frequently attend meetings and visit large institutional kitchens.

Career Training and Education
Registered dietitians usually hold bachelor's degrees in dietetics.

There are two kinds of dietetics programs. One program emphasizes classroom learning, followed by an internship lasting a year, while the other combines classroom learning with 900 hours of field work.

After graduating, you'll be qualified to take an exam to become licensed as a dietitian. To remain licensed, you must complete continuing education.
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