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High school students interested in food safety can prepare for careers by taking communications, computer science, physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Many people prepare for food safety careers by volunteering with public health agencies or non-profit organizations specializing in environmental issues. Working for food service companies is another way to obtain experience.

Most food safety specialists hold bachelor's degrees. Their degrees are typically in chemistry, biology, or environmental health. Some college and universities offer degree programs in food science, while others offer minors in this subject. Food science undergraduate and graduate programs cover biology, chemistry, nutrition, sanitation, and food handling and preparation.

Many organizations hire food safety specialists without graduate degrees, but those with them are better positioned for promotion and research and development positions. Graduate programs in food safety cover foodborne pathogens, biotechnology, microbiology, food safety hazard evaluation, and food production and distribution law. Certain programs require students to complete a master’s thesis.

Schools, colleges, and universities offering accredited degrees, career training programs and continuing education courses in food safety.
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