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Healthcare/medical interpreters usually hold high school or general equivalency degrees. Entry-level jobs can be obtained without college degrees, but these specialists often obtain them. Medical interpreters are required to be fluent in English and another language. Additionally, they must thoroughly understand medical jargon and be able to pass a language and medical terminology test. Many medical interpreters are also licensed medical assistants.

Some community and four-year colleges offer medical interpreter certification programs. A 30 hour medical interpreter certification course is available at the University of Georgia. Many healthcare providers do not require interpreters to be certified, but those seeking entry-level employment in this field improve their opportunities by completing formal training.

Explore colleges and universities offering accredited degrees and career training programs in healthcare interpreting.
  • Georgetown University
    Box 571006
    Washington, DC 20057
    (202) 687-8700

  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
    460 Pierce St
    Monterey, CA 93940
    (831) 647-4123

  • Southern California School in Interpretation
    10012 Norwalk Blvd
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    (800) 625-6222

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