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Medical Historian Schools and Colleges

Most medical history graduate programs take 4-5 years to complete. Medical historians typically hold PhDs in history with a concentration in medical history. Some medical historians are licensed medical doctors who hold masterís degrees in history. Itís not uncommon for medical historians to hold multiple graduate degrees.

Medical historians come from diverse backgrounds. Some complete graduate study in medicine or science prior to completing history graduate programs, and some spend their undergraduate and graduate careers exclusively studying history. Many are licensed medical doctors who complete evening or weekend history classes while practicing medicine.

The schools, colleges, and universities listed below offer degrees, majors and graduate level programs in medical history.
  • Florida Career College
    3271 N State Road 7
    Margate, FL 33063
    954) 862-7260

  • Anthem College Aurora
    350 Blackhawk Street
    Aurora, CO 80011

  • Lincoln Technical Institute: Hamden
    109 Sanford Street
    Hamden, CT 06514
    (203) 287-7300

  • Virginia College: Spartanburg
    8150 Warren H. Abernathy Hwy
    Suite 410, Spartanburg, SC 29301
    (877) 905-4390

  • American Career Institute: Springfield
    365 Cadwell Drive
    Springfield, MA 01104
    413 726-2293

  • Florida Career College: Clearwater
    410 Park Place Blvd
    Clearwater, FL 33759
    (727) 724-1037

  • Virginia College at Pensacola
    Virginia College at Pensacola
    19 West Garden Street
    Pensacola, FL 32501

  • Branford Hall Career Institute - Albany
    500 New Karner Road
    Albany, NY 12205
    (518) 456-4464

  • The Bryman School of Arizona
    2250 West Peoria Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85029

  • Pinnacle Career Institute Kansas City
    15329 Kensington Avenue
    Kansas City, MO
    (800) 426-8084

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