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Medical Illustration Schools and Colleges

Prospective medical illustrators complete biomedical, scientific, or biological illustration programs. Students enrolled in biological illustration programs complete courses in biology and plant art, while students enrolled in medical illustration complete courses in medical terminology, animal and human anatomy, and techniques for illustrating molecular cell biology, vertebrate tissues, and other anatomical features. Graduates receive bachelor degrees in art or fine art.

Below you can explore medical illustration schools, colleges, and universities offering accredited degree programs and career training courses in medical illustration.
  • Arcadia University
    450 South Easton Road
    Glenside, PA 19038
    (215) 572-2900

  • California State University: Long Beach
    1250 Bellflower Boulevard
    Long Beach, CA 90840
    (562) 985-4111

  • Cleveland Institute of Art
    11141 East Boulevard
    Cleveland, OH 44106
    (216) 421-7000

  • Iowa State University
    2229 Lincoln Way
    Ames, IA 50014
    (515) 294-2273

  • Rochester Institute of Technology
    60 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623
    (585) 475-2411

  • Alma College
    Admissions Office
    Alma, MI 48801-1599
    Phone: 800-321-2562

  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
    2400 Wahnish Way
    Tallahassee, FL 32307

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