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Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic doctors specialize in alternative medical treatments. They treat patients at medical clinics, conduct research, and teach alternative medicine at schools. During the past 10 years, naturopathic medicine has become very popular.

Naturopathic doctors evaluate a patient’s lifestyle, diet, and lifestyle while assessing health problems. These specialists combine modern medical diagnostic methods with holistic treatments while treating patients. They frequently recommend dietary modifications, exercise, and herbal treatments. Naturopathic doctors often collaborate with traditional physicians to develop medical remedies for patients.

Career Paths

The current popularity of holistic medicine has increased job opportunities for naturopathic doctors. Many naturopathic physicians manage very successful private practices or have a large clientele at integrative clinics. Some naturopathic doctors conduct medical research or teach at medical schools specializing in holistic medicine. Additionally, naturopathic doctors work as:
  • Health and nutrition educators
  • Natural pharmacists
  • Research specialists for vitamin supplement and health food companies
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Consultants
Since holistic medicine encompasses many concepts, naturopathic doctors have many career paths to pursue.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for naturopathic and holistic doctors should increase by 31-35 percent through 2018. During 2004, nearly 3,000 doctors nationwide specialized in naturopathic medicine, a figure which is expected to increase significantly during the near future.

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