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Nurse practitioners are employed at hospitals, medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare organizations. Nurse practitioners employed at hospitals typically make more money than those working in medical clinics, averaging anywhere from $68,469-88,090 annually. Nurse practitioners employed at medical clinics typically make between $68,630-87,698 a year.

In Maryland, Rhode Island, and Hawaii nurse practitioners are permitted to manage a medical clinical without being supervised by a doctor. Nurse practitioners managing medical clinics usually make more money than their colleagues. However, nurse practitioners who manage private practices must pay overhead costs and health insurance premiums and forgo paid leave and other benefits.

Salaries for nurse practitioners differ by geographic region. For example, nurse practitioners employed in New York receive the highest wages nationwide, averaging between $77,572-101,580 annually. In contrast, nurse practitioners employed in Denver, CO usually earn between $73,876-84,335 each year.

Every nurse practitioner must hold at least a master's degree to become licensed. Nurse practitioners holding master's degrees average $70,273 to $90,806 annually, but specializing can affect annual earnings. To illustrate, nurse practitioners certified as a NPs make between $65,111 to $81,923 while nurse practitioners certified as Acute Care Nurse Practitioners make anywhere from $69,622 to $94,907 annually.

Experienced nurse practitioners typically make more money than their inexperienced colleagues. For example, nurse practitioners with one year or less of work experience typically make $60,182 to $78,748, while nurse practitioners with 20 years or more of work experience usually earn anywhere from $73,778 to $98,447 annually.

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