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During 2009, $51.42 was the average hourly earnings for optometrists, while salaried optometrists averaged $106,960 a year. During this same timeframe, annual median earnings for optometrists fell anywhere between $48,240-126,110. Earnings for optometrists in the lower 10th percentile were below $48,240, while earnings for those in the upper 10th percentile exceeded $126,110 a year.

As of 2010, optometrists with a year or less of work experience made between $69,829-91,288 annually.

During 2010, most optometrists worked in private medical clinics, averaging about $103,050 a year. Optometrists also worked in the following settings and averaged the following annual salaries: Doctors’ offices, $129,810; Health stores, $104,080; Outpatient clinics, $115,450; and surgical and general care hospitals, $106,770.

As of 2009, optometrists employed in Louisiana earned the highest salaries, averaging $142,550 a year. Optometrists practicing in the following states also earned high annual salaries: Tennessee, $137,220; Washington, $128,880; Kansas, $129,420; and Ohio, $127,040.

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