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As of 2010, entry-level psychiatrists begin their careers earning between $50,868 - 145,422 annually. After acquiring 1-4 years of work experience, they typically make between $99,262 - 158,162 a year, while those with 5-9 years of work experience typically earn between $127,962 - 185,625 a year. Experienced psychiatrists, those with 10-19 years of work experience, make $140,070 - 185,107 a year, while those with more than 20 years of work experience make $144,647 - 197,455 annually.

Where psychiatrists work affects their annual salaries. For example, those employed in hospitals make between $122,260 - 181,246 a year, while psychiatrists managing private practices earn $118,192 - 230,507 a year. Psychiatrists employed by federal government agencies make $139,000 - 177,702 a year while those employed by municipal and state government agencies earn between $128,554 - 174,308 annually. Psychiatrists employed at universities or colleges make between $114,717 - 153,909 a year, while those working for nonprofit groups make between $136,084 - 176,069 annually. Psychiatrists with fellowships earn between $24,250 - 130,500, while those who’ve signed contracts make 57,600 -213,800 annually.

Psychiatrists employed for healthcare providers earn annual salaries, averaging between $125,537 - 179,963 annually, while those employed at community mental health facilities average between $129,850 - 179,706 a year. Psychiatrists who specialize typically earn between $99,872 - 179,596 annually, while those providing general medical care make between $127,539 - 175,373 a year. Psychiatrists employed at psychiatric hospitals earn anywhere between $129,994 - 175,549 a year.

Annual salaries for psychiatrists are affected by where they practice. For example, psychiatrists employed in New York earn between $102,231 - 164,183 a year, while those employed in Los Angeles earn between $132,257 - 201,683 annually. Other high paying urban areas include Chicago, $97,591 - 151,014; Atlanta, $98,710 - 166,000; Boston, $109,875 - $188,818; and Pittsburgh $100,000 - 147,052.

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Psychologists specialize in analyzing human behavior and brain function. They study all features of human experience, including child development, cognitive function, and human relationships. Psychology offers a wide array of career opportunities.

Salary: $30,000 - $78,654

Education: 4 - 8 Years (beyond high school)

Job Outlook: Excellent

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