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As of 2010, psychologists nationwide earn salaries between $51,753 - 91,272 annually. Included in these figures are annual bonuses that range from $986 - 5,134 a year. Additionally, income from profit-sharing is factored in, ranging from $1,005 - 9,887 a year.

Experienced psychologists typically earn high annual salaries. Psychologists with a year or less of work experience earn anywhere between $38,572 - 58,671. Psychologists with 1-4 years of work experience typically earn between $44,738 - 70,353 annually, while those with 5-9 years of work experience earn anywhere from $51,544 - 79,059 a year. Psychologists who’ve acquired 10-19 years of work experience earn average salaries between $63,014 - 97,972 a year.

Unlike most professions, annual earnings for psychologists do not differ significantly by geographic location, but pay varies by state. As of 2010, psychologists practicing in California have the highest salaries nationwide, averaging between $51,000 - 92,000 a year. Psychologists practicing in Ohio, Texas, Florida, and New York earn salaries exceeding $80,000 annually.

Specialty also affects annual salaries. For example, psychotherapists earn salaries averaging between $50,000 - 100,000 a year. Those specializing in clinical psychology or healthcare are also well paid. Psychologists working at counseling or community mental health centers earn less money, averaging between $45,000 - 72,000 annually.

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Psychologists specialize in analyzing human behavior and brain function. They study all features of human experience, including child development, cognitive function, and human relationships. Psychology offers a wide array of career opportunities.

Salary: $30,000 - $78,654

Education: 4 - 8 Years (beyond high school)

Job Outlook: Excellent

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