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Veterinarians specialize in animal healthcare. Some veterinarians utilize their knowledge and skills to prevent the spread of animal diseases that affect human health. Many specialize in research, designed to increase knowledge about veterinarian medicine and improve veterinarian procedures.

Working Conditions
Veterinarians frequently work long days. More than 30 percent work more than 50 hours every week. Many are required to work during the weekend, nights, and holidays. Veterinarians who setup and manage private practices frequently respond to emergencies during all hours of the day and examine and treat pets after normal business hours.

Career Training and Education
To become a certified veterinarian, you must complete a doctorate program in veterinary medicine (DVM). It takes 4 years to complete veterinary medical school. The Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association recognizes 28 veterinary medical schools. Most schools only admit applicants with bachelor's degrees, but certain schools admit students who’ve satisfied the prerequisite requirements.

Aspiring veterinarians not interested in animal care can specialize in environmental medicine, diagnostic pathology, immunology, toxicology, laboratory animal medicine, and molecular biology. Many veterinarians participate in medical research, aquaculture, and agriculture.

Contact the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges and the American Veterinary Medical Association to learn more about veterinarian training and careers.
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