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Veterinarian Technicians and Technologists

Pet owners demand excellent veterinary care. To ensure it, veterinarians hire veterinary technicians and technologists to perform basic clinical and laboratory duties. Responsibilities differ by clinic, but technologists and technicians perform similar tasks, despite slightly different training. Because of this, these specialists are usually known as technicians.

Working Conditions
Most veterinarian technologists and technicians enjoy assisting animals. However, this career can be dangerous, emotionally exhausting, physically demanding, and unlikable at times. These specialists are often required to clean animal pens, hold down animals, and handle angry pets. When administering insecticides or germicides, veterinarian technicians and technologists must wear protective equipment. Veterinarian clinics are often noisy.

Career Training and Education
Entry-level technician positions can be obtained with an associate's degree in veterinary technology, which can be obtained from vocational and community colleges. Entry-level technologist positions are usually filled by individuals holding bachelor's degrees in veterinary technology. Many colleges and universities offer these degrees.
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